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Fathia Feerayarre

"For Our Children's Tomorrow"

I am Fathia Feerayarre, I am a daughter, a mother, a concerned citizen, an activist for change, a Human Rights Advocate, a Word 6 Civil Rights Commissioner, and I am running for Minneapolis Public School Board district 3. “For Our Children’s Tomorrow”. Issues that I believe are priorities in the coming years for Minneapolis school districts that I am passionate about working on and achieving comprehensive, actionable policy changes that will benefit all students and teachers include:

● I will be a champion of fully funding and advocating for more funds for MPS at the state level.
● We need to stop the outflow of students from our schools and to achieve this I will focus on reaching out to the community to build strong ties and renew trust in our school district.
● I will lead by listening, improving engagement and decision-making so that students, families, and educators are at the center.
● I am committed to working to improve graduation rates by offering a curriculum that focuses on student choices to include a path towards learning workplace skills and trades as well as the traditional college preparatory pathway. I believe that we must engage and partner with regional technical and community colleges to institute more engaging career paths and opportunities.
● I believe that the board has failed to respond to the changing diversity reflected in the student body. Therefore, I am committed and passionate about working to recruit and hire more teachers and ESPs of color from HBCUs, and to help educational support professionals get the recognition they deserve.
● I am committed to listening to the community, educators and students.
● I will work on building the trust lost in between the families, the school board and the school district.

A new world of inclusion is upon us now. The students, teachers, parents, and administrations are calling for emergency assistance to provide a new direction for the present and future. The Minneapolis school district must answer the call NOW! I will answer that call day and night as the school board member who is not only concerned and able to discuss the problem, but one who will ACT! Together WE must rebuild and re-prioritize our commitment to the schools. My first priority is and will be the children of the Minneapolis school district.
I am seeking Your VOTE. Please vote for equality, change, commitment, and action “FOR OUR CHILDREN’S TOMORROW”.
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